Hello everyone.

My name is Luca Miranda and I am an artist, writer and independent researcher that works and lives in Italy.

My artist practice looks at the relationship between reality and simulation and at the historic and politic rhetorics that lies beneath. I am interested on the investigation of videogame as text and critic tool to highlight its contradictions as well as the contemporary media culture’s paradoxes. Part of my practice concerns about the analysis of the avatar figure, its functions, and purposes within culture and videoludic. Some of my areas of work are machinima and game photography, together with experimentation with filmic and photographic traditional languages. In 2018 I co-founded Eremo, an artistic collective based in Milan that operates among the intersections of video game, sound art, performance and contemporary art. I actively collaborate with writer and researcher Riccardo Retez, and the photographer Domenico Ricucci, with several projects underway. Since 2020 I collaborate as a curator with the Milan Machinima Festival, created by Matteo Bittanti and focused on machinima production and video games experiments.

My artistic work is linked with my research practice, which is interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary. This one focuses on mutations and evolutions of visual culture, together with mainstream and experimental cultural practices, particularly the relation between video game and art, as well as Game art ambit. My first book, a critic and poetic examination on walking simulator, will be printed in 2021. In 2021 an essay written with Riccardo Retez will be published on the volume Machinima, The State of the Art.  

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