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Web, content and Editorial planning

IJI Project – 2019

We simulated an artistic collective that created a project called IJI PROJECT. By converging the issues related to environmental crisis and the social media potential, we wanted to propose engaging and effective solutions for the environment safeguard. The work was made during the second year of the Master’s degree in “TV, Cinema and New Media” at IULM University in Milan.

Below are the site and the presentation slides:

Editorial & Media planning

Vodafone Editorial Plan – 2019

We were asked to develop the strategy and editorial plan for the Vodafone 2019 campaign and Shake Remix service, for the Italian market. We worked in a small team, dealing with the elaboration of the editorial plan through competitor analysis, insights generation, content planning, social landscape analysis, implementation strategies and influencer relations. The work was made in Italian language, during the second year of the Master’s Degree in “TV, Cinema and New Media” at IULM University in Milan.

Below are the presentation slides (web links):

App concept and prototyping

NightFever – 2018-2019

Project carried out in the App Development Lab within the Master’s Degree Course “TV, Cinema and New Media” at IULM University in Milan. The aim of the work was to design and conceptualize an app that could be presented to potential buyers in a pitch presentation form. We opted for an app oriented to the Milan nightlife, that would aggregate and select in a targeted way the clubs according to genres, categories and consumption habits, through direct feedback from users and engagement options with the public selected by the owners of the clubs by specific options. From an initial phase of creative brainstorming it was necessary to put the prototype of the app on paper (and screen). After a further phase of mock-up for studying the design and user interaction (UI & UX), a prototype was created with the proto.io software and correlated by a Business Plan.

Videoart and Installation

2018: A Space Odyssey – 2017-2018

Project thought as an homage to the fifty years of 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. The work aimed to consider a physical installation space where the visitor can use a VR headset to explore some scenes of Kubrick film, adopting the iconic monolith’s point of view. A concept was create using the game engine Unity 3D. The project was made during the first year of the Master’s degree in “TV, Cinema and New Media” at IULM University in Milan. Below can be downloaded the project research and a .zip with the Unity file.



Game Design

A series of projects focused on the principles of Interaction Design and Game Design, made with Adobe Animate, Unity 3D and RPG Maker.