Refuse Portrayal in Games (RPG)

This is a visual blog, in the form of a collection, about the literal representation of refuse, waste, garbage, and rubbish in video games. Discarded videogame elements that our gaze elaborate but that usually doesn’t pay attention to. I thought about this collection as an ongoing project that would add more and more images over time. There’s no chronological, thematical, or alphabetical order cause I want to represent it more like a growing visual entity.

If you like to contribute to this project with images coming from every type of videogame (it has to be a videogame) you’re more than welcome. In this latter case, I will add your name (proper name or nickname) in the caption that appears when you click on a single image. You can email me at:

I will take the initiative to crop the images if necessary, for the sake of the refuses! If you think all this is rubbish: I can live with that, and maybe you can get all along with this guy. Anyway, thank you for your quick, sneaky, focused, happy, or hatred attention. So long!