Game Poetography (2019-2020)

What is a poetic act? How do we express it? A poetic act is not imprinting memories on a text, but neutralize the text itself. Like what Le Corbusier said in reference to looking at the architecture at night, according to which it can be enjoyed better than during the day-gaze, the poetry can be experienced on a totally black screen, on a black wall of text, on a surface that hides the poetic expression itself. 

During a period of self-confinement in which I dedicated my time to explore the spaces of several video games, I have matured poetic thoughts in conjunction with my actions within the gaming performance. Paradoxically, the medium of action, dynamism, and movement started to transform itself into a medium for non-action, quietness, self-reflection. But this isn’t an exception within the videoludic medium: but a demonstration of its other function as an instrument for the generation of new meanings and radical thinking. 

I have taken various screenshots from video games that I played and insert inside their file codes a set of poetry written by myself, one per each, using a Hex editor. The result is a visual amalgamation amidst quietly explorative actions and a generative poetic input. Several images are shown below.